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 Bradshaw-Duncan House will have staff onsite and will assist with day of needs such as: turning on lights, coordinating parking, providing parking attendants, maintaining restroom facilities and the overall venue. 


Bradshaw-Duncan has an extensive in-house rental inventory that includes a tent, tables, chairs, linens and décor. Our pricing is at or below Louisville market pricing and we are adding new items every month.


All vendors must be approved by Bradshaw-Duncan House prior to securing services. The Client will select a caterer and/or bartending service from BDH’s Approved Caterer and Bartending Service List.



The party who signed the Bradshaw-Duncan House Venue Rental Contract is

referred to below as our Client.


  • Client Responsibility: Client shall be solely responsible to inform event guests of the aforementioned venue rental contract laws and policies and appropriately police the conduct of guests while on the premises. Guests in violation of any of the applicable policies or laws may be asked to leave the premises by BDH or Client if deemed necessary.  Aggressive behavior by client or guests towards any BDH staff member, vendor staff or security will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the property. Client is responsible for all guests and vendors and their behavior and actions while on BDH property.  Any issues will be brought to the Client for immediate resolution up to and including ending the event.

  • Conduct: BDH expects all guests to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner and with appropriate language. If this is not the case, BDH reserves the right to ask guests to leave the property.

  • BDH has the right to prohibit: The sale of any merchandise, food, beverage, or other goods. Any unlawful acts of use/possession of illegal drugs shall result in the immediate removal of those involved and/or termination of the event with no refunds and forfeiture of damage deposit.

  • Lost Items: BDH is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or left items of the Client or any guest.

  • Designated Smoking Areas: Due to the historic nature of the VENUE, cigarette smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only. Smoking is PROHIBITED INDOORS. Any smoking inside our facilities will result in an additional cleaning fee.

  • Children Under Age 13: All event guests will be informed by the Client that children under the age of 13 must always be under adult supervision. Children are not permitted in the Groom Suite as it is not a game room for children.

  • No Weapons permitted on the premises at any time.




  • All alcohol MUST be served by a licensed and insured bartender/caterer. Alcohol may not be consumed unless served by a licensed bartender/caterer. No alcohol is to be brought onto the property by attendees. No tailgating in the parking lot is allowed. 

  • All personal alcohol must be surrendered prior to the ceremony start time.  It will be returned to the Client at the end of the event.  BDH reserves the right to confiscate any alcohol that is not being served by a licensed and insured bartender/caterer.

  • Beverages, such as, but not limited to, kava, moonshine, absinthe, and homemade fermented beverages are prohibited.

  • BDH prohibits marijuana or other substances that are illegal under federal, state or local laws.

  • Client further understands that no event attendees under twenty-one (21) years of age will be permitted to consume alcoholic beverages. All guests must carry valid ID. Under age drinking result in the immediate removal of those involved and/or termination of the event with no refunds and forfeiture of damage deposit.

  • Under no circumstances are any open alcohol bottles, cups or containers to be taken off the property by Client or attendees.

  • Bartenders and/or representatives of BDH have the right to discontinue bar service at any time or to refuse service to anyone.

  • Any alcohol left on site at the venue will be disposed of or returned on a designated pick-up date.

Event Insurance

BDH requires every Client (individual and corporate) add additional liability insurance for the Bradshaw Duncan House, LLC a with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 each occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate for claims made against them by third parties (guests and vendors, etc.) alleging Bodily Injury, Personal Injury, or Property Damage, General Liability and Liquor Liability (if caterer does not provide) caused by their negligence. The Bradshaw Duncan House, LLC must be included as the certificate holder.

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